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Undefeated in Orlando

Stephen Bannon produced a movie documentary called The Undefeated that opened at theaters across the country last Friday. In the movie he attempts to set the record straight on the character and substance of Sarah Palin. Many Americans get their news from tabloids or MTV in which Palin’s character is assassinated by actors and others who call her a bimbo. That in itself should upset most women. But in this movie she definitely came across as a women of substance, not the character portrayed by these actors: Matt Damon: called her an actor from a B grade movie. Damon played Jason Bourne, the super spy who had a lot of integrity. Much to the chagrin of movie goers, Damon is NOT Bourne. On the other hand. Palin was the Governor of Alaska who took on the political corruption and the big oil companies and won battles for the people living in that state. She constantly had approval rating in the 80 percentile. She was not simply an actor, she was the real “Bourne” of Alaskan politics. Tina Fey: had the fortunate circumstance of looking like Palin. After watching this movie of the real Palin, I came away thinking how small Fey looks now when we see the real Sarah in action…… mediating between opposing forces to come to positive policies that had oil and gas produced in the U.S. and not some Arab country. Does anyone really think that the character portrayed by Fey could have done that?


Investment Business Daily Editorial

On August 1st Investment Business Daily editorial headlined: Tea Party, Fix Your Gaze On 2012.

The article ended with this quote and comment:

As Sun Tzu advised, “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.” For the Tea Party, now is the time to lock and load and wait till next year.

The Tea Party House members are getting a lot of credit for changing the dynamics of the debt ceiling discussion. And rightly so, in face of stiff opposition from their leaders, the establishment GOP and the President they held on to their principals and were able to rule the day.

But the IBD quote used terminology directly attributable to Sarah Palin. When she was on the campaign trail to get Tea Party candidates elected in 2010, she used the now famous visual of “targeting” specific districts for potential takeover. The success of Tea Party candidates and Palin’s direct support to help them out proved to be a winning combination. We now have the possibility of a balanced budget amendment.

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